Publications and additional information

Sweat Like Honey


Inspired by something a salty old dog told me on the USS Constellation while on watch, this story can be found in print here or, if you want to hear it - then hear it here!

The Eviscerator


If your eye causes you to sin, then you should read this story.  It's my ode to Flannery O'Connor, though she might have shaken her head sternly and said, "that's not what I meant."  Read it here!

Where the Mushrooms Grow


Published in Literary Orphans, a joy to work with, this story was one of my first.  It's probably one of the more disturbing things I've written, but the great thing about it is that it can be read right  here for free!

Ferris Wheel


First science fiction story I ever had published!  This story makes me wonder:  If I'm not me, then who the hell is?  Not sure I like the answer, but the good news is you can read it online right here!  So you have that going for you.



I don't often write a specific story for a specific magazine, but that's what I did with Devonah.  It's sexy, disturbing, and available here


DISQUIET TEEN was published in SHORT-STORY.ME and is available to read (for free) right here.

"Something in the Bone" was published by Not One Of Us, and it was available here, but it sometimes a page is just a page (with no links).